AVL Jacquard loom

AVL Jacquard loom

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AVL Jacquard loom is the ideal choice for designers, educational institutions and artists. Whether weaving samples, production fabric or works of art, AVL Jacquard Jacq3G yields unprecedented design freedom and the latitude to create an unlimited variety of motifs and fabrics. 

Jacq3G enables individual control over each thread, yielding the equivalent of an unlimited number of "harnesses". 

The base jacquard system has 360 hooks with individual thread controls and can be expanded with additional modules, upto 2160 hooks. The total number of hooks/ modules depends on the loom’s width. Looms are available from 30” to 72” width.

Each Jacq3G module consists of 120 independently acting hooks. Hook activation is accomplished using miniature solenoids. When selected, the solenoid manoeuvres a hook wire into position to be captured by a lifting knife. When unselected, the hook wire remains captured by a dropping knife. The lifting and dropping knives work in concert creating a countermarch-type action. And since each hook only moves half the shed height (either up or down), the shed is achieved in half the movement and half the time of rising shed or jack-style systems. Each module also contains the full compliment of heddles, springs, anchors.

Key features:

  • Kiln-Dried Ashwood Construction with RigidFrame™ System
  • Automatic Warp Tensioning (tension arm and weight)
  • Automatic Cloth Storage System
  • Apron with Apron Rods
  • Pressure Roller
  • AVL Compu-Jacq™ Control System with enhanced communications for serial, USB and Ethernet connectivity
  • Dial-a-Sett™ System: With a turn of a wheel, expand or contract the hooks to the full width of the loom or down to a tight sett; from 8 to 80EPI (or greater). Dial-A-Sett consists of an exclusive accordion structure, which floats on bearings and is attached directly to the modules.
  • 1080R Inserted-Eye, Twisted Wire Heddles
  • Software: JacqPoint controlling software (by the author of WeavePoint) comes with every AVL Jacquard. JacqPoint reads the J1P standard format, which is currently supported by ArahWeave PEArahWeave Super PE, Pointcarre, ScotWeave, JacqCAD MASTER and others. JacqPoint can also import bitmaps from most paint programs like PhotoShop. Whatever your approach, sky is the limit.
  • Drive System: Pneumatic or Electric options available for lifting the hooks.
  • Second back beam and creel-feed options available.
  • Choice of plain / sectional warp beams, rotary temples and such interesting add-ons possible.
  • Range of beaters- overhead, bottom swing, fly shuttles, etc as per the requirement

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