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What is Saori?


SAORI is both a style of weaving & philosophy- it is about freedom, creativity, improvisation, originality & the sheer joy which goes with that. It encourages each of us to find the unique expression of our creativity and the beauty that resides within us.

 In traditional weaving, we plan on what to weave, set up the loom according to the pattern and ‘execute’ the plan. Saori weaving is a very different thought from this. We don’t start weaving with a plan in mind like in traditional weaving. No patterns to follow, no guidelines to abide by. It is very intuitive, we weave inch by inch exploring without boundaries. With no rules, no patterns, no mistakes philosophy, everyone can enjoy this non-technical approach to hand weaving.

Working with our hands and yarns, SAORI style of weaving is absorbing & meditative in nature. Once we get to the meditative state of mind, it awakens our spirit of imagination & we start experimenting. Each project is unique and joyful expression of the liberated creator! The best part is we don’t need to know weaving to enjoy SAORI weaving. In fact, the less we know the better! Perfectly suitable for all abilities, genders, age & skill levels.

In SAORI, we can enjoy hand weaving as an art form not only as a hand craft.

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The four golden slogans of SAORI weaving:  

• Consider the differences between machine & human being

While machines are good at weaving patterns in mass production, we can weave with heart & soul and express our feelings with freedom to veer from patterns & ‘uniformity’ and enjoy the process of creating unique fabrics which reflect our moods!

• See with eyes that shine

Is there a machine like perfection in anything we see around in nature? Everything is unique, everything is beautiful with its own pattern or absence of it- be it the clouds in the sky or the leaves in a tree or colours of flowers, smile of people…. With SAORI weaving, we draw inspiration from all these and try out unexpected combinations of colours, textures & irregularities and bring out the child-like happiness within us! Our eyes shine!

• Be bold & adventurous

Let’s not be too critical of ourselves! Let’s try what we think is good without any inhibition. With an approach like this, we create something unique and more importantly we will be happy & proud of our journey!

• Inspire one another & everyone

By sharing & inspiring, don’t we always gain more than we give! SAORI weaving creates community of sharers and supporters!

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Learn saori weaving

at Shuttles and Needles

Do you enjoy dancing in the rains to your heart’s content?

Do you enjoy bathroom singing without worrying about 'that perfect tune'?

Do you like experimenting with cooking without following the recipe book?

Do you enjoy jazz?.......

SAORI weaving is for you!

Shuttles & Needles is the registered SAORI weaving studio in India; we sell SAORI looms & products. We conduct workshops and exploratory sessions at the studio to inspire & encourage your weaving exploration.

Currently we have two kinds of workshops on Saori weaving:

SAORI workshop:  Structured 4-day workshop which is a guided journey towards self-expression. The workshop introduces you to the world of SAORI style of thinking which is based on listening to your mind & experimentation eventually leading to self-expression. You will get to work individually on a SAORI loom ready with a warp.

Starting with the basics of weaving, interesting hand-weaving techniques are taught which will help you with your journey of exploration  and experimentation. The sessions are interspersed with discussions on Saori philosophy too. This workshop is handled by SAORI certified trainer on one to one guidance. Only 2 people per batch.

Weaving Spa: This is a recreational weaving program.  With minimum basic instructions and time (as little as ten minutes), you can get started with weaving in this beautiful SAORI loom. Once you learn the basics, choose colourful yarns from our yarn bank and begin your journey of exploration & experimentation. Just follow your heart, with no concerns for doing it right or wrong. It is a wholesome experience involving your mind, body & soul! You will get to work individually on a SAORI loom ready with warp. In two hours, you would have woven an original cloth, all by yourself. Use the cloth to make a placemat or a bedside table cover or simply a wall hanging.

Drop-in one time or keep coming back anytime you want the Spa experience!

Visit the studio to enjoy SAORI weaving.


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