Pattern weaving on 4 shaft loom

Patterns are everywhere! We find patterns in nature, art, music, math, stock market fluctuations and what we wear as well. Patterns provide a sense of order. Patterns provide insight. What better way to explore this than by creating beautifully patterned fabrics with your own hands.

Our 2-week course is designed not only to introduce you to basic weaving skills, but also to take you through a journey of weaving patterns & colour interactions. Every participant will be working individually on an Ashford 4 shaft Table loom.

You will learn how to warp the yarns, dress the loom and weave. Starting with plain weave and its interesting derivatives, you will learn & explore different kinds of twills and 4-end sateen.

Repetition helps in retaining the skills and gives confidence to work on your own on new projects. In the workshop, you will prepare 3 different warps and learn & explore different patterns. You will get to do a project work after that.

At the end of the 2-week course, you will be carrying home a whole table runner or a set of place mats or a cushion cover - completely designed and woven by you! You will also carry home a binder containing information on weaving and swatches of the weave structures you created on the looms.

After completing this course, you will be able to calculate and wind out your warp, dress your loom, read a weaving draft, calculate how much material you need for a particular project, practice your weaving skills & explore more weave structures on your own.

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