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Shuttles & Needles is an Experiential haven for Art Lovers that aims at bringing to light the joy & therapeutic effects of Textile Art.

Having remained hidden away for many years, Textile Art is a creative stream with immeasurable potential to open and relax the mind, all the while kindling the creative side of the brain which often remains dormant! 

It has no limitation as it is an activity that can be taken up by anyone! 

A poetic discourse between various colours for the Right brainers, or a mathematical pattern or algorithm for the Left brainers!

With world class Weaving Looms, Spinning Wheels, Fibre Felting Art supplies and an array of Yarns & Fibres, the materials & tools in itself inspire one to start engaging in this hands on practice.

Art Classes and Workshops are provided to give beginners a jumpstart, nurture design ideas & hone skills.

Join now to explore the exciting world of Textile Arts! 



Team behind Shuttles & Needles:


Naresh Ramasubramaniam - Founder & Managing Director

Naresh is a textile engineer by profession. Having spent about 25 years selling & installing Textile machines, he has learnt the knack of picking 'good' threads from among the heaps of regular ones.

He has a great liking for simple-to-use tools & machines and admires good Craftsmanship & Quality. Naresh loves experimenting with new materials – be it electronics or engineered yarns & integrating them with hand weaving.

His experimental nature led him to explore Saori weaving, a contemporary style of weaving based on intuitive experimenting. He is also a Saori Weaving Instructor.

He loves Yarns, Espresso, Carnatic music and Long distance running. 


Kalyani Pramod - Director


Kalyani pramod is textile design graduate from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Her passion for weaving and crafts has had her work with many institutions in various capacities. Her work has taken her spans across documentation and design interventions for Bedouin craft of weaving in Kuwait to similar work with the Toda's of the Nilgiris and many others. Her long association with over 15000 handloom weavers of Tamil Nadu has strengthened the community and expanded its repertoire. She works closely with special children to help them learn the craft and with it, earn a livelihood. She has been a teacher and mentor for many batches of students at National Institute Of Fashion Technology. She is also a fibre artist and has her design studio, 'Common Threads' in Chennai.


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