What we Do

Workshops & demonstrations:

Shuttles and Needles studio is an experience centre where we offer hands on demonstrations, workshops & art classes. Our workshops are life affirming experiences. They are designed to give a jumpstart to your creative journey, nurture design ideas, hone skills & bring out the best in you. You also make amazing friends with kindred spirits! Want some guidance on which loom to purchase, where to start? No worries, we will be happy to guide you on selecting the right kind of hand looms & tools suited to your needs.

Creative Experiments:

As a studio, we work on innovative projects  and design  ideas. We focus on the creative side of the craft forms rather than the production. Experimenting with fibres, unconventional materials, colours, textures, weave structures, upcycling, the list goes on. Kind of a tinkering lab.

We weave interesting traditional Indian motifs in the small hobby looms and also work with weaving techniques from across the world, as every region in the world has its own unique style, rich knowledge and beauty in weaving. We share the information with interested people.

Since we also develop many of the yarns that we sell, we assess their weaving performance and see how they transform once made into fabric, check the look, feel and drape of the fabric.

Lot of learnings, lot of revelations and more importantly, a truck load of adrenalin rush!


We  take interns from leading design institutes for internship/ graduation projects for unique product developments. The interns receive a rich experience & knowledge, working completely hands-on.

table loom floor loom spinning wheel needle felting


The studio is fully equipped with an array of modern hand weaving looms, spinning wheels, felting tools, yarns & fibres for you to experience and experiment.

The selection of looms includes Rigid heddle looms, Inkle looms, 4 shaft & 8 shaft Table looms, 8 shaft Floor loom, Computerised hand loom, Saori looms & Tapestry frame looms. In addition to the above, you can also try your hands on a variety of Spinning wheels, Drop spindles, Carders, Blending boards, Felting tools and all accessories required to practice fibre arts.

weaving course weaving workshop weaving books

resource centre

We have taken baby steps in setting up a resource centre for enhanced learning & sharing information about textile arts. We have a small but growing collection of interesting books on Hand weaving, Hand spinning and fibre arts. Our magazine subscriptions include ‘Hand Woven’, ‘Spin Off’, journal of ‘Complex Weavers Association’, ‘Spinners, Weavers & Dyers’ and the like.

We have an archive of fabrics & swatches woven at the studio along with the technical information on how to weave them. Woven on Rigid heddle looms, Inkle looms, multi-shaft looms and computerised dobby loom and are indexed for convenient reference.

Feel free to visit, grab a cup of coffee and spend some time browsing through our resource centre.

Experience new ideas & get lost in beautiful fabrics!


We are a friendly team of professionals who are ever ready to support the fibre arts enthusiasts. We are always happy discussing about the great crafts & arts, guide with selection of looms, wheels & yarns, discuss design & project ideas and of course help you with training and any technical support.

We are at our best when people talk colours, textures & experiments!

shuttles and needles team
Naresh Ramasubramaniam spinning wheel

Naresh Ramasubramaniam

 - Founder & Managing Director

Naresh is a textile engineer by profession. Having spent about 25 years selling & installing industrial textile machines, he has learnt the knack of picking 'good' threads from among the heaps of regular ones.

He has a great liking for simple-to-use tools and admires good craftsmanship & quality.

Fell in love with weaving & hand spinning for its simplicity and infinite scope for creativity and has become an evangelist spreading the joy of these crafts! Naresh loves experimenting with new materials – be it electronics or engineered yarns.

His experimental nature led him to explore Saori weaving, a contemporary style of weaving based on intuitiveness. He is also a happy Saori Weaving Instructor.

He loves Yarns, Espresso and Carnatic music.

kalyani pramod shuttles & needles

Kalyani Pramod

- Director

Kalyani Pramod is textile design graduate from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Her passion for weaving and crafts has had her work with many institutions in various capacities. Her work spans across documentation and design interventions for Bedouin craft of weaving in Kuwait to similar work with the Toda's of the Nilgiris and many others. Her association with over 15000 handloom weavers of Tamil Nadu has strengthened the community and expanded its repertoire. 

She works closely with special children to help them learn the craft and with it, earn a livelihood. She has been a teacher and mentor for many batches of students at National Institute Of Fashion Technology. She is also a fibre artist and has her design studio 'Common Threads' in Chennai. Kalyani Pramod is a Nari Shakti Puraskar awardee, a prestigious award conferred by Government of India in recognition of exceptional work for women empowerment.


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