Rent a Loom

 In-studio Loom rental:
Good news Textile designers! 
We now offer 8 shaft Table looms on rental for you to work on your design development projects. You can use our studio space, use the warping tools & access our library of about 50 weaving books & International hand weaving magazines too.

Looms available:
Ashford 8 shaft table looms 16” wide & 24” wide
Other tools: Warping mill, 11m Warping frame, Raddle kit for loading the warp onto the beam, Reeds with different DPIs, Stick shuttles, Boat shuttles and other essential tools.
In-studio loom rentals are available during our studio hours -
Monday- Saturday, 10.30 am till 7 pm except on holidays.
Terms of rental:
- Weekly rental: Rs.6000/
- Pricing includes the use of all equipment as stated above but does not include weaving materials like yarns. You can work with your yarns or purchase yarns from our studio.
- The rental charges are for a calendar week irrespective of the time used by you.
- To rent a loom, you must know how to warp, dress the loom, design and weave on table looms. Help will be available for assisting you with warping and loading onto the loom for yarns purchased from the studio.
- The loom rental does not include weaving instructions, design support or technical advice.
- In case you have not worked on a multi-shaft loom recently and you need a refresher, you are encouraged to enrol on our 3-day refresher course on pattern weaving. 
Contact us for registering your slot.

Refresher course on pattern weaving:
This course is ideal for textile designers who have not worked recently on multi-shaft looms / need some more practice in weaving. Ashford 8-shaft table loom will be used for the refresher course.
 The refresher course will cover the following topics:
  • Yarns to be used for different end uses
  • Technical details like reed selection, reed substitution, EPI of yarns to be used, calculating EPI from wraps/inch and the like
  • Drafting grids & designing using drafting grids
  • Project calculations/yarn requirement calculations
  • Warping using a warping wheel (narrow warp)
  • Loading the warp, drawing & denting
  • Weaving practice with basic weave structures
  • Mending and finishing fabric
Total duration: 3 days x 6 hours each day with ½ hour lunch break
Fee: Rs. 15,000/- + GST. All materials provided by the studio.