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Eri Silk sliver

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Eri, the 'Ahimsa silk' or 'peaceful silk'.

A silkworm eats and grows, it soon grows bigger and bigger and makes its cocoon. All the while we patiently wait, till it grows, blooms out from its cocoon and flies away. When it flies out to explore the world, this is when the story of Eri silk begins. 

This broken cocoon is processed to pick out the best fibres of silk and made into a sliver for you to spin your own Eri Silk yarns. The name ‘Eri’ comes from the Assamese word "era", which means "castor", as the silkworm feeds on castor plants.

The beauty of Eri lies in how different it looks from the ever so dazzling traditional silk-  textured and matted, making it more unique. The texture comes from the spinning of broken silk, and the no-sheen adds more to the sophisticated richness of the fibre.

Now let's imagine this fibre, spun into beautiful yarn, dyed with your favourite colours, maybe earthy, maybe bright yet muted, what about pastels or natural dyed? Perhaps even the natural tone of it. Now imagine weaving, knitting or crocheting it into a beautiful piece for your wardrobe or something that adorns your home. Feel the softness of it as you spin, and admire its beauty as it becomes a meaningful experience and memory to you.

Available in packs of 100g.

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