Colour & weave workshop at the studio

As we know, weaving a fabric with the identical colour warp and weft yields a single-coloured fabric,  whereas using different colours as the warp and weft yields a merged mix of both the colours. But Weaving gets more interesting when you sequence two or more colours both warp and weft way in particular orders. Colour sequences produce seemingly intricate patterns, yet being a simple plain weave. This technique of weaving is called Colour and Weave and gives a rewarding experience.
We wove a sampler in Ashford Knitters loom with contrast colours in Ashford DK wool, the warp divided into five with each having a particular colour sequence. To explain – name the two colours A and B, the five sections of warp will have Solid A – 2A1B – 2A2B - ABAB – Solid B, all measuring 3 inches width-wise. Applying the sequence in the weft while weaving produces many different patterns all within the scope of a plain weave and just colour play.

Using colour and weave to bring in gradation along the length and width of the product is also a fascinating approach to colour and weave. Here we wove a square napkin with colours grading from dark to light – dark from the outsides and converging to the lighter colour of the same hue. We used mercerised cotton yarns 5/2 for this project


Colour and weave adds more visual texture and value to a simple interlacement of the warp and weft in a plain weave and the possibilities are endless. We have now curated workshops for the Initiated weavers, where one gets to explore the potential of this technique and engineer the patterns for a small weaving project. 

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