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Learn Weaving & Spinning as a Hobby

why weaving & spinning as hobbies?

"A longing for excitement can be satisfied without external means within oneself: For creating is the most intense excitement one can come to know." ~ Anni Albers

The beauty of weaving & fibre arts is that it has no limitation and can be taken up by anyone. A poetic discourse between various colours for the Right brainers, or a mathematical pattern or algorithm for the Left brainers! It is a creative stream with immeasurable potential to open and relax the mind, all the while kindling the creative side of the brain which often remains dormant.

 Creative hobbies are self-contradictory at the conceptual level: they are very personal and also social! On one side, it lets you make time with yourself, calmly rediscover your values & beat the stress out while on the other side, it gives you stories to talk about in a group & makes you interesting for others.

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The modern looms we sell are very portable & do not occupy space.

With world class Weaving Looms, Spinning Wheels, Fibre Felting Art supplies and an array of Yarns & Fibres, the materials & tools in itself inspire one to start engaging in this hands on practice.

Art Classes and Workshops are provided to give beginners a jumpstart, nurture design ideas & hone skills.

Someone said weaving is visual music, where the warp sets the rhythm and weft, the notes. How true!

creative weaving workshop


Wonderful new hobby! Yet another rabbit hole for me :-)

Kalpana / Knitter

Fascinating and full of possibilities!

Padma Srinath / Educational Psychologist