Material is a means of communication-  Anni Albers

We bring a wide range of weaving looms including modern Table top looms and state-of-the-art computerised Dobby hand looms & computerised jacquard hand looms from Ashford Handicrafts, New Zealand (, AVL Looms USA ( ) & Saori Global Japan (

The Ashford fibre preparatory tools like Carders and Ashford Spinning wheels provide the designers unrestricted freedom for experimentation.

Imagine your design studio where you can blend fibres - materials like cottons, wools, silk, angora, metallics…and colours of your choice; spin a few yards of fancy art yarns quickly and knit/ weave/ embellish the garment… all in a matter of few hours. Can it get any better?!

You can use these tools for upcycling materials too like used denims, silk sarees, paper, polythene, whatever and create lovely art yarns for weaving or knitting.

Integrate that with fibre felting tools and we are talking real freedom, nah a fantasy world!

8 shaft table loom

What is your pick?

Are you a weaving design studio or start-up striving to provide bespoke design solutions to your clients?

We have the necessary tools & equipment to help you set up a weaving studio. Be it home textiles, upholstery, apparels or scarves, our looms & tools are excellent companions for design development, sampling swatches and short runs too.

Are you a slow fashion designer?

We have you covered with a wide variety of Carders, hand spinning wheels, modern hand looms, select fibres & easy to dye dyestuff too. So, you can start right from fibres, dye them, spin & weave! Our felting tools & supplies can help you develop some interesting mixed media work too.

Are you a costume designer or textile artist or an experimental designer?

Check out Saori weaving, the contemporary Japanese weaving style which encourages intuitiveness and weaving, discourages pre-set pattern based weaving. Oh! didn’t we say, Saori weaving can be learnt in matter of hours!

Interested in creating tapestry? Ashford professional tapestry loom is the thing to go for. Ashford Rigid heddle looms at 48” width fitted with table stand are also a great choice for tapestry weaving as you can adjust the angle of weaving as per your convenience.

Are you a textile design institute?

We have a wide range of modern  table looms, dobby looms & jacquard looms for teaching purposes. Sturdy and maintenance free, these looms are ergonomically designed so students can focus more on their creative work and less on the skill of setting up the looms.

Our fibre arts tools like Carders, Spinning wheels, Felting supplies, Tapestry looms, small looms like Inkle & Rigid heddle looms, yarns & fibres will give your students a complete picture.

Are you a textile technology college?

Check out our computerised dobby & computerised jacquard looms- they are fantastic for not only teaching textile design basics but also for developing woven technical textiles. We have customisable looms & warp preparation tools for this purpose.

We can help you right from choosing the apt looms & tools to cross-train wherever necessary, supply & install. Total solutions.