Dress up the loved ones

Isn’t it boring for the dogs and us to see the same old plain nylon bands or leather bands around the neck? Why not pep it up with your favourite colours custom designed and woven by you?
But of course, genuine worries clog our minds. Which material to choose? Will it create rashes and allergies? Will it be comfortable? Will it be durable? Well, we guess the answer varies widely. 
We settled with cotton which is natural and anti-allergenic. To make it strong and durable, mercerized cotton 5/2 was chosen and wove on the Inkle loom. The Inkle woven band is closely woven, compact and strong. Then did a triple stitch for making the collar. Well, we guess it should work for many. If in doubt, we can always use it as an ‘ornament’ and use it with another commercially made harness if our dog is very energetic!
Inkle loom is easy to set up and weave. You can weave almost everything woven on a back-strap loom, albeit in a narrow width. We conduct Inkle weaving workshops at the studio every month. Please check our website for the workshop schedule and enrol.
Let’s dress up the loving ones.


inkle woven dog collar

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