Woven infinity scarf

What a cool accessory to wear! Drape it in a single loop, double or twisted to suit your outfit and imagination, you won’t go wrong with the infinity scarf.
Weaving an infinity scarf on the Rigid Heddle loom was fun. The method to weave an infinity scarf is basically to bring around the warp ends which are at the beginning of the fabric and weave them back one by one as weft and finish the scarf. 
We left more than enough warp in the beginning without weaving for use as weft subsequently. We kept weaving as usual till we got the desired length and then the fun began. We released the woven fabric by disengaging the ratchet and pawl of the front roller, removed the warp ties from the lease stick, removed the leader threads and we were ready to go. But then we had the problem of loose fabric dangling in the front, not attached to the front roller. So, how do we give tension to the warp for weaving? How do we advance the fabric as we weave? All it required was just to pin up the loose fabric to the front lease stick and it worked like a charm!
We used Ashford 8-ply DK weight pure wool yarn for this project.
Try weaving an Infinity scarf on the Rigid Heddle loom, it is a rewarding experience!

Of course, you are welcome to reach out to us to set up an Infinity scarf project on your loom.

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