Woven Art! Amazon Rainforest!


Amazon Rain forest weaving Kamini

“This is weaving for me”- saying this, she showed what seemed like a piece of fabric with a bundle of life in it!

 Kamini Bridglal who was born in Guyana, South America spent good part of life in UK is now teaching children in Chennai.

She says she was very inspired by the Amazon Rain Forests at an young age and so, when the Weaving teacher at Saffron Walden College, Essex UK asked her a good 30 years ago what she wanted to weave, she never had any second thought!

She wanted to capture the fading sunlight of Amazon forest in the background and the large black trees in the foreground! She made a double woven fabric with the back fabric depicting the natural light reflecting through the woods and used some interesting fingering techniques to create the large trees in the face fabric!

Kamini, it is inspiring! Eager to see more from you!



 Fibre arts is very engaging. Click here to learn more about fibre arts

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