Weaving Numerical sequence


We all have heard this story of the chess board and wheat grains.  An empathetic king who wanted to reward his servant for bravery asked him to request a boon. The wise servant said: “Oh King, take your chess board and place one grain of wheat in the first square. I will take the grain home and manage to feed my family. On the second day, fill the square with double the number of grains, which is 2 grains and I will collect them from you. On the third day, fill with double the number of grains and make it 4 and so on. The King happily agreed. But by day 40, he started borrowing wheat from neighbouring kingdoms; by day 50, all the wheat in the world couldn’t fill the chess board square! 
The wise servant had the last laugh. If only the King or his counsels had known geometric sequencing, he wouldn’t have landed in this situation!
Interestingly, numerical sequences, like many mathematical concepts, have many everyday applications and also are a great tool for research and development in many fields.
Be it calculating how many empty cups we can stack in a cupboard or how many seats can be accommodated at dinner by combining tables or money matters like interest rates and depreciation, numerical sequences have plenty of everyday uses.

Numerical sequences are also a visual treat as they can be used to create appealing proportions in architecture & arts. At a basic level, they also help us find patterns and improve our logical thinking. They are beautiful puzzles to solve. A great way to have some fun with math. 
The children at the schools where we have implemented the ‘Learning through weaving’ have fun creating their own numerical sequence be it arithmetic, geometric, triangular or any form and weave the sequences on their looms with colourful yarns to see how they translate visually! A great way to start understanding the application of numerical sequence in designing! Seeing the children take up this program so enthusiastically is heartening! 


"Learning through weaving" is a curated program for schools from Shuttles & Needles. We supply the handlooms and yarns, conduct teacher training programs and offer lesson plans and worksheets. Contact us to know more.

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