Weaving fever at the studio

Have you heard of ‘Weaving Fever’? That is what it was at the studio in the 2nd week of September. Apart from the regular workshops and other routine development work, we managed to set up 7 warps on Rigid Heddle looms in totally different concepts, 5 warps on Inkle loom, 1 warp on Weaving frame, 4 warps on 4 shaft looms, 4 warps on SAORI looms, a full-width 38” warp in Ashford Jack loom and a 20” wide warp on AVL Dobby loom – all in a matter of 7 days! Oh yeah, we also had some ‘Spinning Fever’ in the same week, spinning endlessly with Ashford eSpinner to fill out bobbins with colourful & delicious handspun yarns!
The trigger for this ‘Weaving Fever’ was a simple call from our beloved graphic designer that she wanted fresh photos of all the looms! Well, we can’t keep things simple, can we?!









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