The wandering line scarf

Have you watched the little children driving their imaginary scooters at home and any place large enough for them to run around a bit? They take random routes and cover the whole area in different ways and do not follow a pattern. When you stop them and ask ‘where is the scooter going?’, you will get random answers like “beach, mall, Delhi…” and the like… and the answers also keep changing every time you ask them! Wandering without intentions.
This scarf weaving was somewhat akin to it! A couple of white warp yarns were added after the loom was warped up and these yarns were hung with a weight at the back of the loom to give the required tension. As we wove on, we removed the white warp yarns every now and then from the reed and aligned them with the weft for a pick and then threaded back as warp to continue its journey of life. 
It was fun weaving this, as we didn’t have any plans of laying a route for the white yarns’ travel. It was random just like the imaginary scooter. The only difference is that this time the imaginary scooter left a white trail on the scarf! 
Woven on Rigid heddle Sampleit loom with Ashford merino superwash DK wool in warp & weft.


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