Tapestry wool yarns- how to choose?

Getting the right yarn for tapestry weaving is a challenge. First and foremost is the quality of wools. Rare to find pure wools in the market which is flooded with synthetic acrylics which are not exactly pleasing to work with your hands. 
The knitting wools are soft and lofty but do they work for tapestry weaving? No. They have a nice squishy feeling and are good for knitting sweaters but they pack too close when beating with the tapestry beater and don’t make a sturdy fabric. The knitting yarns also take forever to weave a tapestry as they pack more weft yarns to an inch! The tapestry yarn should be firm, sturdy and not squishy. 
Next is the elasticity of the yarns. The tapestry yarns should not stretch like wool yarns to avoid that distorted ‘hourglass’ edge. 
Then comes the choice of colours. Of course, for any artwork, more colours are merrier, but the more important consideration for tapestry weaving is the gradation of yarn colours available than just the absolute shades. 



The first two qualities- firmness and “not too stretchy” hold good for punch needle projects and rug weaving as well. 
Our wool roving yarns are manufactured taking these points into consideration. They are available in a wide range of shades and depths. We offer them in two convenient sizes- 25 meters (25 grams) for people who want to make small tapestries on weaving frames and small punch needle projects and 100 meters (100 grams) for those making larger tapestries and rug weaving. 
They work very well for krokbragd weaving on your Rigid heddle looms as well.
Check out the collection here. 

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