Story of a young weaver

By Abaya Anand, class 11 student.

Abaya owns Ashford 20” Knitters loom and recently attended ‘weaving basics & beyond’ workshop at Shuttles & Needles studio.

It was on a boring day during my summer vacations after class 9 when I exclaimed, “wish there was something fun for me to do!”. My mom was concerned and started looking for some summer camps and classes that I could attend. That was when she stumbled upon Shuttles & Needles and learnt about the various workshops and classes they had.
I got my first loom and wove my first ever scarf.
Before that I never thought that that one could actually weave at home. I always believed that for weaving you need those huge looms and trained, traditional artisans but Shuttles and Needles showed to me that it was possible to weave even at home if you had the will.
Later I did two more projects but class 10 and the pandemic became an obstacle for me and I was unable to weave more projects. Finally after 2 years, after my 11th finals I attended the weaving basics and beyond workshop. This three day  workshop introduced me to various weaving techniques and patterns. The travel time from my house to the studio is really long and with traffic it’s worse but all the travel was definitely worth it.
As someone who loves art and craft it was very fun and enjoyable to sit and weave in the studio. I learned so much in those three days and it has evoked my curiosity. I am very thankful to the mentors and the hospitable environment of the studio. I look forward to weaving more projects in the future and learn more from the mentors in the studio.

 At Shuttles & Needles, regular workshops are held for hand weaving, hand spinning and felting. Pl check here for details. 

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