Stool seat with Cotton Inkle woven belts!


Inspired by the simplicity and sheer comfort of ‘kayathu kattil’ (Rope bed), we got the help of a carpenter to make a weaving stool with just the frames and without the top plank. Instead of ropes, we went for cotton Inkle belts, woven at the studio!
When the question came about the colours to use, the unanimous decision was to make it as colourful as possible :-)
We could weave 4 belts in a day with Inkle loom! So it took about 3 days to finish the weaving and then we weaved the belts onto the stool frame!
Happy with the results- both with the comfort and the vibrant colours:-)
We have regular workshops on Inkle weaving for beginners. Pl check details of Inkle weaving workshop here


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