Stamp sized motifs weaving on Inkle loom

inkle belt


The little Inkle loom can be used to weave truly fascinating stuff! Easy to set up and weave belts, camera straps, dog collars, headbands, dress trims… the list of products that you can weave is up to your imagination on how to use a narrow 2” band of the sturdy strap!
It is a great loom to understand how warp-faced weaves work, use the loom to do card weaving and even create nice motifs and brocades with extra wefts, like in back strap looms…. albeit in a narrow 2” band rather than the typical 24” woven on backstrap looms.
The best part is that it is easy to set up and quick to start weaving with Inkle looms. 
We recently wove a strap with some interesting motifs with extra weft on the Inkle loom. Check them out!

inkle loom inkle loom inkle loom inkle loom


inkle loom inkle loom inkle loom inkle loom


inkle loom inkle loom


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