Spreading the wings of joy to Bangalore - weaving workshops

We have taken baby steps to set up a studio in Bangalore! Lalitha Alwan, a NIFT designer who interned with us for her graduation has on-boarded our team and she will be the Studio Manager in Bangalore. 
Though we are in the process of finding a suitable studio space, we have in the meanwhile started our weaving workshops in Bangalore. The trainers from Chennai, ably supported by Lalitha will be conducting the workshops for the beginners and also the initiated, talking of which we already have a fantastic community of contemporary weavers in Bangalore! 
The first workshop was exciting for us as we met some of the weavers who purchased the Rigid Heddle Looms online from us and got started with weaving on their own. It was great to learn about how they got started with weaving and their journey. We used the opportunity to conduct a workshop on ‘Tips & Tricks of Rigid heddle weaving for beginners’ covering subjects like smart ways of warping, maintaining right warp tensions, ways to get clean selvedges and also the possibility of using different kinds of yarns for weaving.

We were overwhelmed with the response & support from these lovely weavers and we have already lined up a few more workshops for Bangalore starting this month. Excited to set foot in ‘Namma Bengaluru’!
We have spread our wings, now it is for the wind to carry the joy!

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