Khadi. It is not just a piece of hand-spun, hand-woven fabric. It is the spirit of creating things by the confluence of our hands, mind and soul. As Mahatma Gandhi put it, khadi is also the spirit of fellow-feeling with every human being on earth!
The process of khadi also makes us realise that nothing is created by a grand show of brilliance, for creation is a very slow and mindful process with a lot of learning, discipline, overcoming obstacles and finally succeeding.
A few months ago, a few fellow hobby spinners, weavers and designers came together and formed ‘Urban Khadi Weavers’. The mission is to create a textile completely by hand right from fibre to finished garment, through the process of dyeing, spinning, weaving, pattern making and sewing. 
We have set ourselves on a leisurely schedule as everyone is a working professional. We hope to accomplish the task by September this year.
Come Saturdays, a few fellow Urban Khadi weavers bring their spinning wheels to the studio and some join virtually too and we all spin and spin-chat.
Move away, the old-sounding ‘Saturday’. We call it ‘Spinday’, an interesting coinage by Sweta Jayaram.

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