Shirin yoku- an escape into the wild

Shirin yoku- an escape into the wild

by Shriram


What could a forest make you feel? Water ripples on the surface of a pond. The dappled sunlight dances on the verdant undergrowth and the leaves, the leaves rustle, whispering to you in a language only the ancient trees themselves understand. This calms you, brushes against your soul gently, in the reassurance that you belong, you are a part of nature. Being in nature can be rejuvenating, healing. 


tapestry weaving


Shinrin-yoku is like a bridge, one that opens and interacts with your senses, bridging the gap between you and the natural world. Woven on the Ashford weaving frame, these set of tapestries aim to capture the same experiences through a small window. The use of wool roving yarns and cotton knitting-8ply give ample texture and dimension to the woven artwork which emulates the scenery vividly.  The dimensional quality of the tapestry was brought about by techniques such as knotting for pebbles and rocks, crochet for amorphous plants, cut-pile for vines and felting etc.

Like numbers are a key to understanding the universe, weaving can be a key to understanding yourself. Letting yourself explore with emotion, paint with your thoughts and learn with mindfulness will prove an awakening experience. 

In our rush to get to the places we want, we tend to let stress and other elements affect us. A weave is nothing but a path one walks on, taking new turns, tumbling through the brushes and breaking through to new horizons. It’s a language of life, and we keep moving forward to meet new days. 

Don’t forget to stop and admire the view!
Shriram is pursuing B.Des Textile Design at NIFT Chennai and is interning with Shuttles & Needles. Creating a collection of 3 dimensional Tapestries on Weaving frames as part for his graduation project.

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