Revelation through weaving- Kavya Prasad

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.
― Henry David Thoreau
Quite a statement. We all take up activities with certain goals in mind. But the ‘hidden’ revelations as we progress are worth ‘seeing’. Let’s take the case of Kavya, who has shared her story of transformation after attending the weaving workshop recently. Her primary goal was to learn weaving and make a scarf for her little sister- let’s say ‘lucky’ little sister. But what she ‘saw’ seems to have even overtaken her primary goal!
To give you a background: As a fine arts college student, Kavya has always been fascinated with weaving. She took up the week-long scarf weaving workshop recently at the studio. It was quite a deep dive. Learning the basics of how weaving works on Rigid heddle looms, planning her project, selecting the yarns, choosing the colours, doing all the calculations of warp & weft requirements and then hands-on warping and weaving – all by herself over 5 forenoons. Result? A beautiful looking hand-woven scarf and a beaming Kavya! Beaming perhaps because she saw & experienced things beyond weaving
She shares her experience with us in this video. Inspiring to listen to the transformation she had after she started weaving and the impact it had on her other passion- painting! Watch it.
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