Pure wool stuffing

We see so many stuffed toys in the market. Invariably everyone uses polyester fills for this. While it has its advantages like washability, we should also remember it is a synthetic petro-chemical based fibre which is not bio-degradable.
For the people who prefer natural fibre stuffing, we have launched pure wool stuffing. This stuffing is called ‘Wool noil’, which is a by-product of the industrial process called wool combing. In wool combing, the shorter wool fibres which are not spinnable are removed along with some dust called vegetable matter and this is called the ‘Noil’. It makes for great stuffing as it is very bouncy. 
Wool noil stuffing is also good to be used as a core in needle felting toys, as this is cheaper to use as a base core and then felt with coloured long wools like Corriedale wool or Merino woolon top.
Wool stuffing is also nice for wet felting projects to give nice textures.
Available in convenient 200g packs.


wool stuffing for felted toys

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