Niveditha finds her calling!

I am writing to you to tell you a story. A story of a girl who had lost her spark living a normal life. 21stDecember was the day I first stepped into the studio with nothing but an interest in weaving. It was there I met a bunch of people who live passionately. They say happiness is contagious, let me tell you passion is too. As a design student my main motive for enrolling at Shuttles and Needles was to increase my skill set. I remember being intimidated by the looms when I first entered the studio and an extremely friendly mentor trying to explain how easy it is to use. Surprisingly all it took was 10 minutes and I was convinced! There I was standing in front of a warping mill 4 days later readying my warp. As the loom was set up and the weft woven the fabric formed, a plain weave woven just using white yarns yet it managed to make my jaw drop. As new patterns danced into the fabric the more hypnotized I felt, It was as if I was looking into a kaleidoscope instead of working on a loom. I realized I had finally found something that makes me more alive. Work was meticulous but the satisfaction that followed blew away my fatigue, I found myself saying “I can do this all day” just like Marvel’s captain America. As time flew by, realization hit that 10 days were too little and I was disappointed that it went by quickly. Not only did my skill improve but my perspective on weaving did too, so much that it made me promise myself that even if I quit designing I wouldn’t quit weaving.

 Shuttles & Needles conducts short term weaving courses on multi-shaft weaving. Pl check here for details 


  • Ulka

    Hello,do you have cotton threads for crochet n knitting

  • Premila Fernandes

    I am inspired by the article and your pic of the workshop… would like bto visit u as I would like to have one for the women rescued under ITP Act 1956

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