Mission possible

We put even Tom Cruise to shame. We recently set ourselves on a mission to dye 3000 shades out of the 3 primary colour dyes. The first mission was to dye 300 shades and then build on them and it was successfully accomplished by the efforts of 3 untiring & meticulous interns from the College of Fine Arts, Chennai. 
Armed with acid dyes, pipettes and glass jars, they dyed wool roving yarns in our in-house beaker dyer and created the first set of 300 shades. 
The Fine Arts students inspired by the gorgeous colours of wool roving lying in front of them decided to create artworks using them. Their inspiration was none other than the master of colours, Vincent van Gogh! 

The students had a very enriching experience of learning to dye precisely and also use the dyed yarns to create their favourite artwork! Confluence of science and art at its best!



We have all the shades nicely bound and tagged. Please ask to see the albums & the artwork when you visit us next time!


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