Mathematics in weaving- Pascal's triangle experiments!

Who is not inspired by the various derivatives from Pascal’s triangle!

Here is a woven inspiration from Pascal’s triangle!

The number of threads in warp is based on Pascal’s 7th row 1,7,21,35,35,21,7,1

Now to the choice of colours… We took the yarns with basic colours Red, Blue and Green, the RGB value totals to 255 for these colours (R:255,0,0. G: 0,255,0. B: 0,0,255)

Haa! Doesn't Pascal’s 8th row sum upto to 256?!



Then the search continued for colours with RGB values close to 512, which is the sum of Pascal’s 9th row !! And we zeroed in on Fog and Green Oak which were close to 512!

Pascals triangle in weaving

The result is quite interesting visually! Now is the time to check if the checks with mixed colours throw some surprise to us by complying to some other row of Pascal’s triangle! Anybody got a RGB scanner?!

The weaving was done on Ashford SampleIt Rigid heddle loom.

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  • Shuttles & Needles

    Thanks! Yes, it is easy to get started with weaving. We have regular workshops for weaving. Pl contact us for details of upcoming workshops

  • Jey

    I am big fan of mathematics and am amazed what I just saw here. Looking forward to weave. Do I need any classes to start weaving?

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