Launching Indigo yarn collection

indigo yarn
Indigo, the glorious blue gold of India. A timeless beauty that’s never forgotten. Today, indigo dye is a common sight, seen everywhere from garments to accessories to home furnishings. Because of how common it is, we forget that Indigo was once a highly valued commodity. Not too many centuries ago, this mysterious dyestuff was so very exclusive that only royalty and the aristocracy could afford it. 
Throughout the Greco-Roman era, Indigo’s potent symbolic significance around the world meant it was in high demand, which earned indigo a status similar to that of tea, coffee, silk or even gold. India is one of the earliest places to produce indigo dye. Europe imported this much-desired dye from India.
The Greek called this blue pigment ‘indikon’, which translate to ‘product from India’, from which the word indigo originated. Romans considered it a luxury product and used it for painting, as hair dye and eye-makeup, and also believed it had powerful medicinal qualities.
Indigo yarn
No colour has been prized so highly for so long. So we decided to add it to our collection of yarns. The Indigo collection is dedicated to showcasing the beauty and elegance of the indigo colour. To give you the best experience, feel and colour, these yarns are dyed using synthetic indigo which has a much higher concentration of indigotin than natural indigo, giving a richer consistent blue.
Our yarns are available in Solid Indigo blue and Gradient Indigo blue shades. Check out the collection here. Share with us what you make with our Indigo yarns.

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