Krokbragd with a twist

If at all a warp has to be titled ‘the warp pregnant with most possibilities’, the title can easily go to a warp to weave ‘Krokbragd’.
Literally a plain warp, simple threading and a simple weaving grammar, but this Scandinavian weave can make any dreamer to dream in colour! 
We have had a loom threaded for Krokbragd weaving for close to a year now on the Ashford table loom! And whenever we get inspired, we get down to weaving something colourful. Of course, when some dreamer comes along to the studio, we give her the loom to dream her dream! 
Recently, we had a dreamer who wanted to dream in colour and also have a wing to fly! After understanding the grammar of Krokbragd weaving and creating a few colourful patterns, she started experimenting Krokbragd with pick-up techniques! She saw letters emerging and wove the whole alphabet and then went to create some memorable tea coasters!
Talk of colourful wings to fly to the dreamland!

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