Knit with cotton this summer

Cotton is undoubtedly the best fibre for the scorching Indian summer. It breathes, absorbs and keeps our body cool.
People who are used to knitting and crocheting dresses with wool always find that the cotton yarns available in the market are too thin to work with to knit ‘light weight’ garments. If we choose thicker cotton yarns, the garment becomes heavy, as cotton lacks the ‘loftiness’ of wool. Moreover, dresses and fabrics knitted out of cotton yarns wrinkle easily. 
At Shuttles & Needles, we carry ‘lofty cotton yarns’ which are light in weight, have a nice thickness and do not wrinkle too! Our cotton knitting yarns are specially engineered to provide the loft to the cotton yarn. Our knitting yarns are about 35% lighter in weight for their thickness. Moreover, they also have a plush and nice crimpy structure to them so you can knit them more openly. The yarns don’t ‘split’ with the needles and hooks as they are unitary structures without plies and are very smooth to work with.



Our cotton knitting yarns are available in 4-ply (sport weight) and 8-ply (DK weight) counts. The 4-ply cotton yarn is great for knitting & crocheting tops and the 8-ply cotton yarn is good for autumn-wear neck scarves and for knitting accessories and soft toys.
For people who are looking for finer yarns closer to fingering weights, our signature yarn- Yoga is an excellent choice. Yoga yarn is specially engineered with nylon filament core and cotton fibre sheath. The porous nylon filament acts as the backbone and provides the loft and elasticity whereas the cotton sheath provides the best comfort next to our skins. Best of both worlds! Yoga yarn is great for knitting & crocheting lightweight summer tops & dresses as well – without wrinkling!
We have a wide range of shades to choose from, check out.
We also carry the Knitpro range of knitting needles and crochet hooks


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