Khadi hand knits on the ramp

Proud moment for Lalitha Alwan, the knitwear designer & Shuttles and Needles. Lalitha’s hand spun- hand knit ensembles were showcased at the graduation show at NIFT Chennai recently.
Lalitha created a collection of ensembles totally from the ground up. Using Ashford merino wools, mulberry silk and an occasional dash of Angelina fibres and some beads, she hand spun the yarn for the whole collection- a whopping 4+ kgs of hand-spun yarns, all by herself using Ashford Drum carder and Ashford eSpinner and then went on to design and hand knit the ensembles, again all by herself! A great feat indeed.
Let’s hear out Lalitha on the impact she wanted to create with this grand project:
This collection has the power to transcend fashion and design, creating a profound impact by combining elements of slow fashion, artisanal craftsmanship, and mindfulness. It aims to shift consumer consciousness towards sustainability, ethical production, and a deeper connection with garments.
One of the key impacts is promoting a mindful and intentional approach to fashion consumption. Through hand-spun yarn and hand-knitted garments, it encourages individuals to re-evaluate their relationship with clothing, embracing a slower, more thoughtful fashion cycle that prioritizes quality and timelessness.


The collection also emphasizes self-care and the meditative process of spinning and knitting, highlighting the importance of mental well-being in our fast-paced lives. By engaging in the act of creation, it fosters solace, rejuvenation, and a meaningful connection between fashion and personal wellness.
By advocating for natural fibres and artisanal craftsmanship, the collection reduces reliance on resource-intensive manufacturing processes and promotes responsible consumption, fostering an appreciation for the Earth's resources.
Reviving the allure of hand spinning, the collection reintroduces its artfulness and infinite creative possibilities to the modern world. It inspires individuals to engage with and celebrate the joy of the spinning wheel's rhythmic movement and the transformative power of turning fibres into yarn. This vision includes a community of spinners who embrace the beauty of this traditional craft while infusing it with contemporary flair.
The collection envisions a world where hand spinning is widely appreciated, offering boundless joy and transformative potential. It invites people to embark on their own spinning journeys, forging unique connections with the fibres they work with and revitalizing the legacy of this age-old practice.


Lalitha Alwan, a final year Knitwear Design student with NIFT Chennai, did her graduation project design collection with Shuttles & Needles.

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