Introducing 'Weave Walk'

The beauty of weaving and fibre arts is that anyone can pursue them and there are no age or skill requirements. A mathematical pattern or algorithm for the Left brainers, or a poetic discourse between various colours for the Right brainers! It is a creative stream with limitless potential to unwind and open the mind while also igniting the often dormant creative side of the brain.
Shuttles & Needles ‘Weave Walk’ introduces the participants to the world of weaving, hand spinning and fibre arts with the help of modern portable looms and wheels. A combination of demonstrations, hands-on weaving experience and a sneak-peak about possibilities gives the participants a deeper understanding about weaving and how designs and patterns are created. The participants also get an insight about connections between weaving, math and computation and why weaving has been the preferred choice of cloth making for thousands of years.
A unique experience, lasting for about an hour.
You can bring your family and friends for an engaging session of “Weave Walk” at Shuttles & Needles Chennai/ Bangalore studio. Recommended batch size: 5-15. Suitable for teens & adults.
Please call/mail us to book your complimentary Weave Walk Session.

Schools who are interested in arranging for 'Weave-Walk' sessions for their students are welcome to contact us too. Suitable for grades 6 & above. 




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