In-studio Loom rentals

There is a lingering question in the minds of young textile designers when it comes to investing in their most important professional tool- the Loom! The question is ‘can I set up the loom on my own and make my weaving collection’. Though we are all trained to set up the loom and weave in the design colleges, it seems to be difficult to take the ‘plunge’ as doubts loom large (pun not intended :-) ). What if there is trouble with warping, what if something goes wrong with loading and dressing the loom, who will help us set things right and the like…
Some textile designers are not sure, quite rightfully, whether they would take weaving design as a career while it can still be a part of the larger scheme of things.
To address all this, Shuttles & Needles studio has come out with ‘In-studio’ loom rental plans for multi-shaft weaving. The plan is open to textile designers who already know to weave and looking for a space to develop their portfolio and do some woven design projects. Ashford 8 shaft table looms are available at the studio for this purpose along with warping tools like the warping mills and warping frame and all the paraphernalia to help set up the loom and weave. The designers can access our well-stocked and growing library of weaving books & magazines as well. 
Is it quite a while since you did weaving on a table loom? No worries, you can sign up for our 3-day refresher course before renting the looms too. Click this link to know more.
Looking forward to receiving textile designers to use the studio space and the lovely looms!


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