Get waffle'd

Waffle-syrup..waffle-ice cream..waffle-pancakes…waffle and chocolate.. waffle and fruits… waffle and towel?  Yes, you heard it right! We took the waffle off our plate and put it on our towel. 

A beautiful project woven at the studio, t set of towels are made on the Ashford Jack loom using the Waffle weave. The weave resembles the square dents of quick-bread made in a w. Waffle weave is sometimes called “honeycomb”.  It is an 8 shaft weave. As the term waffle is used here, it means the weave has square cells formed by warp and weft skips of increasing length concentric around a plain centre. In the fabric, the dents on the face are the square outlines on the back and vice versa. Hence it looks like two differently faced fabric.

The threading draft for the waffle is a simple point twill of 8 shafts. The tie-up is a single plain diagonal with a point twill treadling order - same as the threading. The drama is created by using different colours in the warp and weft, hence creating the squares with defined centres. In this case, there are three different colours used in this sequence - AAABBBCCCBBBAA, assigning colours for the 14 ends of a point twill. This sequence is repeated throughout the warp as well as the weft sequence.

Just like waffles absorb the syrup, our waffles absorb water excellently because of the yarns used. It is our 8/2 cotton nylon yoga yarn which is excellent for towels and napkins because of its love for water making it very absorbent. Not only that, the yarn gets softer with the wash, hence adding a nice feel to the towels. It is as soothing to the touch as it is to the eye.

We love our waffle, we would love to see you make yours. Happy weaving !!

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