Garments from Hobby loom

Here is the scenario: The beautiful fabric is out of the Rigid heddle loom. It is a proud feeling that we have woven a whole yardage of fabric all by ourselves- right from choosing the yarns, colour combinations, weaving patterns, setting up the loom and feeling the calmness of weaving and finally looking, looking and re-looking at the beauty that we have created!

Many of us weave stoles, scarves, table runners, towels, cushion covers.... but after a few projects, the questioning time starts: ‘Can I cut it’? ‘Can I sew it’? Questions followed by thoughts like ‘If only it is wider, I can make it into a garment’….
We at the studio are now embarking on a project to make some beautiful garments woven on Rigid heddle looms- narrow fabrics with just about 18” width. We now have an enthusiastic design grad student weaving some lovely fabrics on the Rigid heddle loom and transforming them one by one to a collection of beautiful garments. Her mission is to keep things simple- minimal stitches, minimal wastage.
Ooh. Exciting. 

Will share the patterns and details in due course.

Shuttles & Needles sells Rigid heddle looms, yarns and conducts workshops for initiating you into the beautiful world of weaving

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