Game of Weaving!

weaving game

A Game for Weaving?! That was the question on the lips of many of the Fine Arts students from a city college when they visited the Shuttles & Needles Studio.

No power points, No lectures, No theories. Just hands on fun & exploration of what is weaving with a simple game with threads!


weaving game

At the end of the game, they were charged enough to try out the real looms with their own hands! Starting with the Rigid Heddle loom, they learnt the basics of weaving motion- Shedding, Picking & Beating and also how colours interplay! Then they moved onto Inkle Looms to experience & understand the concept of Warp faced weaving! What better way than the humble & resourceful Inkle loom for this!


                    Rigid heddle weaving inkle weaving


It was difficult to move them out of the Saori loom – it was ‘addictive’!

 saori weaving four shaft weaving


Then upping the complexities, they worked their brains and limbs to check on 4-shaft weaving. The Ashford Table loom was warped with a straight draft with 4 different colours- 1 colour for each shaft. The students enthusiastically tried different treadling combinations & wove a few inches of their own pattern!

Armed with the knowledge gained from 4 shaft exploration, they moved onto the Ashford Katie 8 shaft Loom! The loom was warped for a broken twill pattern and they did their bit to weave the nice pattern on the loom. They could feel the ‘floodgate’ of design opportunities opening up!

needle felting

While one batch was busy experimenting with weaving, the other batch was armed with Needles, Wools & Soap water spray cans! They were introduced to the basics of Needle Felting & Wet Felting and encouraged to go on a Free Run! It was fun, fun & fun all the way as they came out with interesting felted designs! Right from ear rings to pendants to a man with curly Red hair!

 It was 3 hours of non-stop fun hands-on!

Delighted to host you budding designers! Looking forward to see you all sometime soon!

felted art



Click here to learn more about fibre arts like hand weaving, spinning and felting.

Shuttles & Needles conducts curated 'experience sessions' for people who are willing to explore hand weaving and felting. Pl contact us on for details.


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