Fuzzy logic warp for weaving...

When we decided to prepare a warp on the Rigid heddle loom with 4 colours distributed randomly, we thought it is a no-brainer as you can just pull any colour anywhere and start warping. But just not the case! May be that we have been so much conditioned to think on patterns or rhythms that random or fuzzy logic seems against our normal brain function!! How much ever we tried, we seemed to fall into some rhythm…

So, we decided to go for lots! One bowl with the yarn colours lot and another bowl with numbers 1,2,3. If the colour drawn was blue and the number was 3, we went for 3 Blue warp ends. If the next one was purple and the number was 1, we went with 1 purple end and so on.

Even then, it was hard to resist temptation to switch if we ended up with 2 consecutive draws with same colours!!! There is always a worry ‘what if it becomes too bluish or too reddish’!!

Never thought thinking random and implementing it is so difficult :-)


Check our tutorials page for how to set up Rigid heddle loom & get started with weaving. 


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