ECHO weave on the loom

When we decided to make a “Limited edition napkin” project recently, we were looking for a weave structure that would make it truly special. Something vibrant, something happy-looking, something with a flow, something magical.
Echo is one of the weaves that seem to have a pull-effect, whenever we think of something special. A delight to design and a delight to hold! Thanks to Marian Stubenistsky’s gorgeous book “Weaving Echo & Iris” and the lovely simple explanation and guidance from Jannie Taylor in her article “Four colour Echo-weave”, we chose the colours for the warp and weft to showcase the beauty of the structure in mercerized cotton 10/2
Designed using Weave Point software, this special edition napkin set was woven on AVL 8 shaft compu-dobby loom at the studio. AVL Dobby Loom, a must-have loom for weaving design studios.

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