Diamond twill on Rigid heddle loom

Twills bring sophistication to fabric:

This beautiful diamond twill is woven on a Rigid heddle loom. This being a 3 shaft pattern, it is usually woven on a 4 shaft loom, but then the warper-friendly Rigid heddle loom always rises to the occasion when you want to weave something quick:-)  This was woven using 2 heddles; no pick-up stick.



The next one is by changing the sequence a bit and coupling it with weft clasping.



Warp: Shuttles & Needles Cotton knitting yarn 4ply/ Sportweight : Natural undyed & boji grey

Weft: Shuttles & Needles Cotton knitting yarn 4ply/ Sportweight: Toffee rose
Reed: 2 x 12.5 DPI reed

Number of ends per repeat: 14

The drafting plan is given in the below image:


The upper row is the Back Heddle (BH), which is closer to the warp beam, the lower row is the Front Heddle (FH)

Though the warp used in this project is of single colour (natural undyed), 2 colours are used in the diagram to show the path of yarn through the heddles.

The red circle on top shows the loop of yarn as you pull through the BH. As you can see, every 1st & 5th slot will have 2 loops of yarns. Repeat the sequence to your desired width. (we did 18 repeats). Once you draw the loops through the slots of BH, you will warp & wind the warp as usual. Once you wind the warp on the back beam, start shifting the yarns in the slots to the slots in BH as per the diagram.

Keep the BH close to the warp beam (we secured the BH to the warp beam by tying them together). Then, keep the FH in place and start threading the slots & holes of the FH as per the diagram.

You are now ready to weave!

We are going to use 3 different heddle positions for this weave and repeat the sequence:

Position 1: FH up, BH neutral

Position 2: FH neutral, BH up

Position 3: Both heddles down

The weaving sequence is 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 3 2 1 3 2 1 3. One repeat gives you one diamond.

Enjoy weaving!


You can check the tutorials page on how to set up Rigid heddle loom and weave


  • MKM

    I used this deaft on a Schacht flip loom with 2 heddles. My first “request” from a friend for a mantle scarf. I used a Brassard cotton and a Brassard Tencel, both the same color as we wanted a subtle pattern – one matte and one shiny yarn. I found the warp easy with your picture. The piece turned out great. Thank you for sharing the draft in a format a beginner could read.

  • Katherine Foley

    I did a small sample and it came out fine. Then I warped a wider stable scarf and I can’t get a decent shed. I’ve rewarded and changed heddles but still having issues. Any suggestions?

  • Yoav Edelist

    It looks really good, but I threaded it and the second and third shed are the same. I unthreaded and re-threaded and the second and third sheds are again the same.

    Could you advise?

  • Talea

    Thank you!!!! I’ve been struggling with this pattern with pick up sticks for ages now. I literally gave up in trying to do this pattern.
    Once I finish my current project I am going to re warp using your instructions… Would love to know if you managed any other patterns that have been simplified like you have done with this diamond twill.

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