Dancin' with the Echo!

You hear the Echo of a sound, you see the echo of a heart. But have you seen the Echo of a Weave?
A book beautifully written by Marian Stubenitsky called the ‘Echo and Iris’ inspired us to create the magic of echo. The echo is a way of drafting or threading, which means you can echo your favourite weave structure and make it look completely different. Echo can be woven on looms with 4 shafts & more.



This Echo was woven on the 8-shaft Ashford Jack Loom using our 5/2 Mercerised cotton yarns. The warp consisted of 4 colours and the weft was woven using a single colour.
It is easy to simulate the echo using weaving software, but it is always more adventurous and fun to plan the threading and then see the echo getting created as you weave. 
What we ended up weaving was mesmerising, moving and it almost looked like a dancing echo. Don’t you agree? It’s a simple, yet lovely concept to create your own echo. 
For more details like the weaving draft and plans for this project, pl write to us and we will be happy to share the information

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  • Judith

    This is beautiful and just perfect for the 4 colours I’m hoping to use. Is there any chance you might share the draft?

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