Dance of light & shadow

Light stimulates sight. It is light that first enables what one sees, shadow is the creation where light cannot reach. It is the shadow that defines forms. Light and Shadows give different soulfulness at different angles and they are used to enhance the geometry and form of a design. They can add qualities like depth, dimension, perspective, realism, and visual interest to one’s design.
Here at the studio, we wove Lace weaves on the computerised AVL Dobby Loom. They seem to showcase the epitome of light and shadow play. Lace weaves are usually woven using white or tinted hues as the lighter they are the weaves show up better. This happens when the dark shadows are enhanced with the contrastingly coloured fabric. This project majorly uses Cotton Mercerised 2/20s yarn and sparsely Cotton Sport weight knitting yarn as highlights.

lace weavelace weave


lace weavelace weave


The computerised Dobby loom along with the weaving software as tools to create fabric is a paradise, as the whole length of the stole/fabric can be designed. The patterns need not be a repeat necessarily, even if the entire length was one single unit, no worries! It’s the software that prompts which shafts to lift next for weaving, while we only have to toggle between 2 treadles- one to lift the shafts and one to reset that pick which makes the loom shift to the next weft sequence. It’s bliss to weave on the AVL Dobby Loom. They are best for weaving samples as the designs can be manipulated in a jiffy and you get to see the results right away! 
This collection of stoles was woven using colours exclusively form the Achromatic colour scheme as they further enhance the depth and texture of the lace weaves.
Are you ready to dance with shadows?

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