Cushioned on the loom

This is an exciting project that anyone with prior experience of warping and weaving on the Rigid Heddle Loom can take up. 
This project takes shape with the concept of tubular weaving- weaving two layers of fabric simultaneously on the loom and closing the edges as you weave. 
As you weave a tubular fabric, it can be filled with wadding that gives the ‘fluff’ needed for a chair cushion pad. Every couple of inches or so, you can ‘close’ the tube with a plain weave interlocking the top & bottom layer of the fabric giving the ‘bumpy’ effect for the cushion.
We recently wove two 16” x 16” chair pads with cotton DK weight knitting yarns, with the same warp, yet different weft combinations.

Voila! here is a chair pad woven and finished just off the loom! 


Shuttles & Needles conducts workshops on Double weaving for people who already weave on Rigid heddle loom. Pl check the website link here for details.

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