Cotton Chenille yarn launch

French- English dictionary:
Chenille :  Larve des papillons, à corps allongé formé d'anneaux et généralement velu.
Translation: Caterpillar. Larva of butterflies, with elongated body formed of rings and generally hairy.
Chenille yarns have a unique fuzzy structure. Considering the long history of special yarns, chenille is a relatively new invention, dating back to 18th century France.
Apparently, the initial days' chenille yarns were made after weaving the fabric with a leno structure by twisting two adjacent warp yarns together, inserting the weft yarn, and then cutting the fabrics into fine strips to get the frizzy effect! 
Nowadays, chenille yarn is made by placing short lengths or cords of yarn between two core yarns and plying the yarn together. The wrapped yarns form loops which are then cut with a special mechanism into the fuzzy structure so unique to the chenille.





It is a plush yarn that is great for making soft throws, upholsteries, cushion covers and soft rugs. Chenille yarn can be a nice choice for making shawls, sweaters, skirts and beanies too for people who love a cosy dense fabric.

We have launched cotton chenille yarns in natural colour in two counts: Nm 1.7 which has about 170m to a 100g ball and a finer yarn at Nm 8 which has about 800m to a 100g ball.
Great for knitting, crochet and as weft in weaving.

We did weave some fabrics with cotton yarn 10/2 in warp and chenille yarn Nm 8 in weft on Ashford Rigid heddle loom and made some pouches. In one pouch, we alternated chenille yarn and cotton yarn 10/2 white in weft and in another used cotton yarn 10/2 green glow. Soft and plush!


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