Coasters, wall hangings and captivating patterns

What’s your next weaving project? If geometric and repeated motifs interest you, then Krokbragd weaving is your thing.
Krokbragd is a weft-faced weaving technique using thick weft yarns so you see only the weft in the fabric and not the warp. The Norwegian word “Krokbragd” translates as “crooked path”. This was popular during the 18th and 19th centuries in Norway when people sought thicker fabric that provided warmth and used it as using it as blankets, bed covers and as rugs & wall hangings.
This technique offers endless design possibilities, by just varying the placement of weft colours. You can form interesting motifs by grouping weft colours together- more like building blocks. The fabric is dense and compact being suitable for coasters, rugs, wall hangings and more.
We recently conducted a krokbragd workshop for the initiated weavers. Once they learnt the basics of how it all works, the enthusiastic participants inspired us with their colour choices and the patterns they could create on the loom. One will be using her woven fabric as coasters and another is planning to mount it on a frame to make a beautiful woven wall hanging.
Exciting, isn’t it? 

krokbragd weave

krokbragd weave


We have launched a series of workshops for the initiated  including Krokbragd weaving. Contact us to schedule a workshop for you.

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