Chinmaya schools introducing weaving to children

When introduced at an young age, weaving helps the children gain attention span, improves their analytical ability and problem solving skills. Of course, who would not feel proud and happy about creating beautiful fabrics with one’s own hands with the colours of their choice!
Latest to introduce weaving to school children is Chinmaya Vidyalaya group of schools in Rajapalayam. The teachers spent about a week’s time at the studio learning to set up the warp, create beautiful patterns and weave them. They were introduced to the concept of connecting different subjects like math, music, geography and agriculture with weaving which they are excited to take forward with the children at the school.
Eager to see how the children start creating

Shuttles & Needles “Learning through Weaving” program is curated specially for improving the cognitive abilities and problem solving skills of children. We supply easy-to-use Hand looms & yarns, train the teachers and provide lesson plans/ worksheets for them to carry forward the program with the children at school.

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