Celebrating Bateman weaves

Did you know Dr. William G Bateman was a doctorate in physiological chemistry who got fascinated by weaving and came out with a whole new system of weave structures ?

 Apparently he wove 389 warps with multiple swatches in each of the warps and he did the whole stuff after retiring as a professor of chemistry!

Using a 8 shaft table loom, he started weaving samples and variations of known weaves beginning with plain and moving onto twills, overshot, tied weaves and the like. As he progressed, he created variations on established weaves and created new weave systems. He left a legacy of manuscripts which were later published as a series of monographs.

For us, the longing for trying out the Bateman weaves was quenched recently! Pooja Rajendran, a NIFT student who is interning with us whole-heartedly accepted the challenge of coming out with a collection with Bateman structures! Using the AVL computerized 8 shaft dobby loom, she brought out with some stunning weaves and created a festive collection of placemats using Bateman weave system.

Bateman weave placemat 1

Pooja used Shuttles & Needles mercerized cotton 10/2 for the ground warp & weft and Cotton knitting yarn sportweight for the pattern weft.

Bateman weave placemat 2

Bateman weave placemat 3

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