Candy shop!

Let’s take a moment and imagine. You are a child entering a store with the most colorful and interesting treats, every sight brings more joy and excitement, to the point where your eyes shine. What happens if we could translate that degree of excitement onto weaving?

Like a child entering a candy shop, I got to enter the studio of Shuttles and needles. And waiting for me was one of the most expressive forms of weaving I'd ever seen, SAORI
I saw in front of me a loom set amongst surroundings that were flooded with some of the most vibrant and vivid yarns, in multiple textures to play with. This loom, ready and warped, waiting for my first weft was to keep me company for eight weeks, with yardages woven, slowly changing and evolving, with strokes that were initially laced with hesitation to that of confident and colorful ones.
SAORI weaving is capable of intriguing and engaging one’s mind and has something unique for every individual to take back. It truly makes one weave from their heart, not out of necessity or for anyone else but for yourself. This in one way felt like connecting back to the unhinged curiosity and boldness that we'd  once possess as a child.
From a muted palette to striking neons, Saori weaving made me take a leap and trust my instincts and experiment while enjoying the process, for I weave to showcase my journey.

Uthra Ganesh is a textile design student interning at Shuttles & Needles studio

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