Brain gym- Padma Srinath

It was an interesting neighborhood name board – Shuttles & Needles. Noticed but yet to be explored. I seem to have been exploring how I could bring school kids to this space. So one day I ventured in and talked a lot about considering weaving to explore subjects like ' math' at least for schools located in weavers’ districts. I was blown to discover that Shuttles & Needles had already not just explored but also created a dossier of information on the way forward. I came back a few weeks later with a few teacher friends to explore the possibility of 'what else is possible. 


Then came a personal opportunity. My grandkids were graduating within the next 4 years. Why not put my palms to work?? I met the people there and talked about the choices and arrived at choosing yarn, colors, and design. The colours and the texture of the various yarns were a joy to behold. Decisions of colors were left to the recipients of my gifts. The yarn choice was mine. I was fascinated by pashmina (cashmere) I was intrigued by the magic that would unfold with the finishing process.
I set myself to the task.
The whole process, for me who is in the field of Early childhood development, amazed at the whole brain activity that it really was. The combination of an 'intense hand-eye' coordination that it required, made it an activity of 'single focus attention'. The creative outcome was a joy. 
In my considered opinion, schools must enlist this space for their students as it will provide the elixir that is required to enhance the foundational skills of many a school going child instead of thinking that 'subject tuitions' are the solutions.
For those of us who believe in brain-based learning as an important approach in schools, such spaces will be the 'magic sauce' that contributes that abstract input that cements learning with passion.
As for me a senior citizen, I have an amazing grateful thought every time I see or touch a handwoven fabric, offering gratitude to those palms that had their eyes glued to the loom lest a mistake should undervalue the piece of work, working in a rhythmic left-right shuttle movement crossing the midline every few seconds. Great brain gym exercise. Allowing textures and patterns to bewitch the eye. There's no match to experience, so go on explore one of the most friendly supportive craft centers that allow a flow of an active mind at the work of your palms.


Shuttles & Needles has developed an interesting program 'Learning through Weaving' for schools. You may check it out in this link . We will be happy to discuss specifics with the schools.

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