Beginning a new journey- by S.Narasimhan

It was a different experience for me, a senior citizen in my late seventies to sit on a SAORI handloom and weave designs. It all started with the idea of taking it as a pastime, with the simple knowledge of warp & weft. But gradually I found it absorbing. The working of the loom is simple and scientific, so whenever I got stuck up in the process of weaving, I could understand the why & how of it and solve the problem. As I progressed in learning the art of weaving, I understood the effect of spacing of different colours and how it gave rise to different designs on the fabric. In due course, I also learnt how to use different colours in the same line of weaving. One half of the fabric would look red and the other half blue. As days go by, new areas of weaving are opening to me for learning and stretching my imagination and creativity.


When I looked up from the loom around me, I could see weavers/ learners of all ages from seven to seventy at Shuttles & Needles studio engaged in and enjoying the art of weaving.
You should try weaving for a joyful experience!


S.Narasimhan is a retired Chief Manager from State Bank of India and he lives in Chennai.

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