Begin Again By Samyuktha Ganesh

I hear the clock ticking
With the lists always growing,
midnight oil still burns 
With the gears always shifting 
In a constant cycle of twitching
Forgetting to breathe, Is this really me?
Slowing down sitting still
Gripping the loom, the hands begin 
Falling in steady rhythm, following the lines
Throwing the shuttle time after time
Pressing close but not too hard
Each passing oscillation, cords have crossed
Eyes take shape of the delicate weave of cloth
Thrumming threads of pattern still unclear
As the weave grows the thoughts disappear
Myriad colours of abstract view
An enchanting array, unable to decide
I close my eyes and let them pick my side
My own shade of light, a subtle blended hue
And some threads of gold between the blue
Grounded in rhythm, in the tension of doing
Hearts, mind and spirits renew
Time becomes timeless as the end comes near 
As the loom turns silent, Peace be her

  Samyuktha Ganesh recently attended the Saori workshop at Shuttles & Needles studio. Pl check here for workshop details. 


  • Marina Francis

    How much will this weaving unit cost me and from where can I learn to use them

  • wihong Khimhun

    Hi I can I reach out to order this materials including threads

  • Michelle Pinto

    I Do shuttle tatting . What the scope for me .

  • Sumi

    Do u conduct online classes
    I am willing to join

  • Sabira begum

    I want to Know the fees. and the equipment cost I am in Dindigul

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